Protection Policy

Parents/guardians (“Parents”) are entirely responsible for the supervision of their children for the full duration of all events, except in the three circumstances  listed below. Parents may, except in the case of under 8s, at their total discretion, elect to delegate that responsibility to another adult(s) but remain entirely responsible for the welfare of their children. Parents may, except in the case of under 8s, at their total discretion, elect to share that responsibility with another adult(s) but remain entirely responsible for the welfare of their children. Parents may not delegate or share that responsibility with another adult(s) in the case of children aged under 8. The NPSCA and its officers are not able to monitor whether parents discharge their responsibility, as outlined above, or not and are not responsible for carrying out any such monitoring. The NPSCA and its officers are not able to and will not act ‘in loco parentis’ in respect of parents’ responsibility, as outlined above, except in the following three listed circumstances:

  1. while juniors are playing a match in a NPSCA tournament in the tournament room(s);
  2. while juniors are attending a coaching session at a NPSCA coaching day; and
  3. if their parents are not attending a NPSCA team event, while juniors are attending a NPSCA team event or are travelling to or from a NPSCA team event as part of an official NPSCA team group travel party. Car-sharing arrangements to or from a NPSCA team event are private arrangements between the parents concerned and are specifically excluded.

The three circumstances listed above are the only circumstances in which the NPSCA and its officers will act ‘in loco parentis’ and, in these circumstances, they will adhere to the following guidelines:

For this reason, amongst others, no junior may take part in any NPSCA event without providing full contact details (home telephone number, home address and email address) to the NPSCA in advance.

In order to cover situations in which it can reasonably be foreseen that any NPSCA officer is likely to be involved in one-to-one contact with any junior, the NPSCA will ensure that it is in possession of a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) clearance in respect of that officer or that an application has been made for such CRB clearance.

The NPSCA will not tolerate bullying during NPSCA events. This includes bullying by juniors, parents or NPSCA officers, none of which are acceptable. Bullying is deliberately malicious misconduct, physical or verbal, direct or indirect, designed to hurt and undermine anyone individually or within any peer group.

Any instances of bullying or other misconduct, proven or suspected, should be reported immediately to the most senior NPSCA officer present, together with the names of any witnesses. The NPSCA officer will conduct an immediate investigation and speak to witnesses. If he/she concludes that the complaint is justified, he/she will discuss the incident with the perpetrator and, if any, supervising adult and will report details in writing after the event to the Safeguarding Officer to log into the Central Record. If appropriate, the NPSCA officer may issue a verbal warning or suspension for a period of hours up to suspension for the remainder of the event. Serious cases will be referred by the Safeguarding Officer to the NPSCA Committee. In the event that anyone has 3 complaints logged against them in the Central Record in any season, this will automatically be referred to the NPSCA Committee. The NPSCA Committee may issue written warnings or longer suspensions without limitation, as it deems fit at its entire discretion. Complaints reported after the end of the event and after witnesses have departed may not be investigated, dependent upon the nature and severity of the complaint.

As opposed to negative actions, such as bullying or other misconduct, the NPSCA hopes that all attendees at all NPSCA events will rather behave with humility and treat all other attendees with respect in affirmation of the NPSCA’s policy that its events should be remembered by all attendees as enjoyable family days out.


Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers

In order to participate in NPSCA events parents are expected to: